Meet our Agent of the Week this week, Lizette Pimber!


Lizette Pimber

Instagram: @barrioblonder

Facebook: Lizette Pimber РRealtor 

Selling: Tucson, Arizona

How long have you been in real estate? What did you do before? Why did you switch?

I’ve been in real estate for 2 years, but I was in law enforcement for 10 years before switching to real estate. I love helping people and that carried over into real estate when I decided to make a career change to have a bit more freedom in my career.

What’s unique about the way you do business?

I feel like being genuine and real has made a bigger impact on my business (in a positive way) rather than trying to be “perfect” in the eyes of my clients. Always be yourself and your clients will love you for that!

What’s your favorite part about being in real estate?

My favorite part about being in real estate is seriously seeing the smile on my clients face when I hand over the keys and take the “sold” picture on closing day! Most buyers who reach out to me mention that they love those pictures and can’t wait to take theirs on closing day!

What’s your method for attracting business?

Besides social media, my Facebook group that focuses on relocation! This came in handy when COVID-19 hit.. Buyers had plans on traveling to my area to look at houses, but this changed when the pandemic happened. So I had to adapt quickly to provide virtual tours via FaceTime and neighborhood tours for buyers who decided to move and buy a house sight unseen during quarantine. Once I shared this on social media, a lot of my group members were totally open to the idea of buying a house sight unseen – it’s all about trust.

If you could go back in time and meet yourself as a new agent, what would you tell yourself?

If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a new agent, I would say “this is going to be a challenge, but there’s nothing you can’t handle girl!”

Thanks for chatting with us, Lizette!

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